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This tutorial is everything an SAP user needs to go through to create your own reports in SAP using Query tools, no programming required! Designed as a hands-on learning aid, you will be able to follow along and perform each new skill learned on your own SAP system. The tutorial provides an step-by-step instruction. This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to use the SAP Query tools, including its configuration, advanced usage, and integration to Microsoft. Additionally the tutorial gives best business practice recommendations for the technology and internal business use of the tools.

Learn to:

* Understand query security, table reads, and table joins

* Perform basic and advanced calculations

* Incorporate pictures and graphics into reports

* Configure shortcuts and tran codes, schedule jobs and email PDFs

* Utilize SAP Reporting with Microsoft Office applications

SAP R/3 Query Reporting Tools Overview  
 SAP R/3 Query Reporting Tools Overview
 The SAP Query Tool
 The InfoSet Query Tool
 The QuickViewer Tool
 How the SAP R/3 Query Tools Work
 Comparing the Query Tools
Configuration for Query Tool  
 Steps in Configuring the Query Tools
 Performing Maintenance on InfoSets
Creating Basic Reports  
 The SAP Query Tool
 Creating a Basic List Query
 Five Basic Screens
 Modifying an SAP Query
 Saving a Query
 Maintaining Queries
The Fundamentals of Reporting  
 Real World Examples
 Maintenance Functions
 Working on Existing SAP Queries
Reporting Selection Screens  
 The Reporting Selection Screens
 Maximizing the Use of Selection Screens
 Understanding Output Options
 Using Multiple Selection Buttons
 Using Variants
Creating Advanced Reports  
 SAP Query Tool's Advanced Screens
 Using Advanced Screens
Creating Extract Files and Interfaces  
 Overview of Interface/Extract Files
 Creating a Fixed Positional Extract File
Creating Basic Calculated Fields  
 Creating a Basic SAP Query
 Using a Simple Mathematical Formula
 Using a Simple Condition
 Using an Input Value
Creating Advanced Calculated Fields  
 Basic SAP Query
 Using Multiple Conditions
 Using Multiple Fields
 Using a Calculated Field
Inserting Pictures and Graphics  
 Using Symbols and Icons
 Inserting Black-and-White Symbols
 Inserting Black-and-White Symbols by Using a Simple Condition
 Inserting a Color Icon Using a Simple Condition
 Inserting a Color Icon Using Multiple Conditions with Two Operators
Creating Simple Statistics Lists  
 Statistics Lists
 Creating a Statistics List
 Creating a Subtotaled Statistics List
Creating Advanced Statistics Lists  
 Creating a Basic List for Reference
 Creating an Advanced Statistics List
Creating Ranked Lists  
 Ranked Lists Overview
 Creating a Ranked List
 Sample Uses of Ranked Lists in SAP R/3
HR and Payroll Reporting Options in the HCM Module  
 The Reporting Tools in the HCM Module
 Reporting Options in SAP R/3 for the HCM Module
Special Considerations for Configuring HR and Payroll Reporting in the HCM Module  
 Configuring InfoSets for the HCM Module
 Special HCM Configuration Maintenance Considerations
Special Considerations for HR and Payroll Reporting in the HCM Module  
 Payroll Result Reporting with the SAP Query Tool
 Eliminating Duplicate-Line Reporting in the HCM Module
 Understanding Selection Period Fields on the Selection Screens of HCM Reports
 Auditing Query Execution
 Configuring HR Actions/Events to Improve Reporting Capabilities
Security Concepts in SAP R/3 Query-Based Reporting Tools  
 Security for the SAP Query Tool
 Security for the InfoSet (Ad Hoc) Query and QuickViewer Tools
Creating Basic Reports with the InfoSet (Ad Hoc) Query Tool  
 Creating a Basic Query with the Infoset (Ad Hoc) Query Tool
 The Options Available on the InfoSet (Ad Hoc) Query Tool Screen
 Modifying an InfoSet (Ad Hoc) Query
 Saving an InfoSet (Ad Hoc) Query
 Restrictions with the InfoSet (Ad Hoc) Query Tool
 Security Considerations for Using the InfoSet (Ad Hoc) Query Tool
Creating QuickViews by Using QuickViewer  
 Understanding QuickViewer
 Creating a QuickView by Using QuickViewer
 The Options Available on the QuickViewer Screen
 Modifying a QuickView
 Using QuickViewer in Layout Mode
 Converting a QuickView to a SAP Query
 QuickViewer Security Considerations
SAP Reporting with Microsoft Excel  
 Using SAP Reporting with Microsoft Office
 Maximizing SAP Reports by Using Microsoft Excel
 The Fictional SAP Report for a Basic Microsoft Excel Columnar Chart
 The Fictional SAP Report for a Basic Microsoft Excel Pie Chart
 Making Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables Using SAP Report Data
SAP Query Reporting with Microsoft Word and Outlook  
 Maximizing SAP Reports by Using Word
 Maximizing Reporting Options by Using Word and Outlook
SAP Reporting with Microsoft Access  
 Maximizing SAP Reports by Using Access
 Maximizing SAP and Third-Party Solution Reports by Using Access

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