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SAP BW has recently come to the fore as a valuable tool for developing data warehouses that accurately and effectively support critical business decision making. It facilitates easy-to-use and high-performance extraction, transfer, transformation, and loading of data from a variety of data sources, including such comprehensive business management systems as SAP R/3.

This tutorial uses step-by-step instructions complete with a plethora of screen captures to illustrate key SAP BW functionalities. It demonstrates how SAP BW implements the fundamental star schema and solves the major challenges inherent in the creation of data warehouses: performance, reliability, and error-handling. Using a real-world business scenario as a running example, this tutorial presents a comprehensive view of the technology, from underlying concepts and basic techniques through its most sophisticated capabilities.

Specific topics covered include:

* Creating an InfoCube and loading the data

* Checking the accuracy of data with BW Monitor and the Persistent Staging Area (PSA)

* Creating queries to generate reports using Business Explorer (BEx)

* Managing user authorization with the Profile Generator

* Advanced InfoCube design techniques

* Aggregates and multicubes

* Working with the Operational Data Store (ODS)

* Installing business content and creating an R/3 source system in BW

* Loading data from SAP R/3 into SAP BW

* Data maintenance

* Performance tuning, including parallel query option and data packet sizing

* Object transport

Although the focus is on the core SAP BW technology, this tutorial also discusses other relevant technologies, including Basis, ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming), ALE (Application Link Enabling), and ASAP (Accelerated SAP) for BW.

With the clear explanations and practical techniques presented in this tutorial information systems professionals will gain both the general understanding and specific skills necessary to create high quality data warehouses that support effective decision making.

SAP BW Business Scenario  
 SAP BW Overview
 Sales Analysis
 Data Warehousing
 Star Schema
 Extracting, Transferring, Transforming, and Loading Data - ETTL
 SAP Data Warehousing Solution
 BW Architecture
 BW Business Content
 BW in mySAP.com
 Creating an InfoArea
 Creating InfoObject Catalogs
 Creating InfoObjects Characteristics
 Creating InfoObjects Key Figures
 Creating an InfoCube
Loading Data  
 Loading Data
 Creating a Source System
 Creating an Application Component
 Creating an InfoSource for Characteristic Data
 Creating InfoPackages to Load Characteristic Data
 Checking Loaded Characteristic Data
 Entering the Master Data, Text, and Hierarchy Manually
 Creating an InfoSource for Transaction Data
 Creating Update Rules for the InfoCube
 Create an InfoPackage to Load Transaction Data
Data Quality  
 Checking InfoCube Contents
 Using BW Monitor
 Using the Persistent Staging Area (PSA)
Queries and Workbooks  
 Creating a Query Using BEx Analyzer
 Organizing Workbooks Using BEx Browser
 Using a Variable to Access a Hierarchy Node Directly
Managing User Authorization  
 Creating an Authorization Profile Using Profile Generator
 Creating an Authorization Object
 Integrating Profile Generator and BEx Browser
InfoCube Design  
 BW Star Schema
 Time-Dependent Navigational Attributes
 Dimension Characteristics
 Time-Dependent Entire Hierarchies
 Other InfoCube Design Techniques
Aggregates and Multi-Cubes  
Operational Data Store (ODS)  
 Creating an ODS Object
 Preparing to Load Data into the ODS Object
 Loading Data into the ODS Object
 Loading Data into the InfoCube
 Using 0RECORDMODE for Delta Load
Business Content  
 Creating an R/3 Source System
 Transferring R/3 Global Settings
 Replicating R/3 DataSources
 Installing Business Content Objects
Generic R/3 Data Extraction  
 Creating Views in R/3
 Creating DataSources in R/3
 Creating a Characteristic in BW
 Loading Data from R/3 into BW
Data Maintenance  
 Maintaining Characteristic Data
 Maintaining InfoCube Data
Performance Tuning  
 BW Statistics
 System Administration Assistant
 Tuning Query Performance
 Tuning Load Performance
Object Transport  
 System Landscape
 Development Class
 Object Transport
BW Implementation Methodology  
 ASAP for BW
 BW Project Plan
SAP Basis Overview  
 SAP Basis 3-Tier Architecture
 Dispatcher, Work Processes, and Services
 Memory Management
The scope of SAP BW in the Future?

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