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This tutorial introduces the Oracle ERP applications and R11i concepts. The reader is then educated on proven techniques for implementing these complex and integrated systems. Configuration and usage of each of the financial, distribution, manufacturing, HRMS, and projects applications are covered, followed by a discussion of working with Oracle Support, consulting firms, and compatible software vendors. The tutorial also review the employment market, consulting opportunities, and provide the reader with an implementation checklist. All of R11i's new features are covered in-depth and in practical terms. Not only will readers understand Oracle's new capabilities, they will be able to apply them right away.

Oracle Applications Overview  
 Overview of Oracle Applications
Oracle Applications Modules  
 Financial Applications
 Manufacturing Applications
 Supply-Chain Management Applications
 Human Resources Applications
Oracle Applications Features  
 Application Features
 Oracle Workflow
 Oracle Applications Multi-Org
 Oracle Applications System Administration
 Third Party Software Compatable with Oracle Applications
Oracle Applications Architechture  
 11i Architecture
Implementation Methods  
 Oracle's Application Implementation Method
 Rapid Implementations
 Program Office
 Phased Implementations
 Case Studies
Effort and Cost  
 Using the Number and Type of Applications to Estimate Costs
 Relative Complexity of Each Application
 Business Systems Complexity
 Minimizing Customizations and Extensions to Lower Costs
 Business Processes
 Other Projects in Process
 Capability of the Project Team
Project Management and Control  
 Project Team Roles
 Issue-Resolution Techniques
 Implementing Status Reporting
 Meeting Minutes
 Red Flags
 Project Plan
 Project Scope
 Critical Path
 Quality Control Procedures
 TAR Tracking, Resolution, and Logging
 Impact of Other Projects
Getting Started  
 Forming the Project Team
 Starting Quickly
 Selecting and Scheduling the Modules
 Typical Tasks, Deliverables, and Milestones
Analyzing the Project  
 Project Analysis Overview
 Business Process Analysis
 Determining Your Reporting Needs
 Infrastructure Analysis
 Legacy Data and Conversion
 Typical Tasks, Deliverables, and Milestones of the Analysis Phase
Converting Analysis into Solutions  
 Designing Customizations
 The Solution/Conceptual Design Document
 Estimating Customizations
 Managing the Phase
 Initial Project Documentation
 Preparing for System Test
 Performance Testing Preparation
 Designing the Support Organization
Enabling the System  
 Managing the Phase-
 Some Alternatives to Customizations
Launching The New Systems  
 Managing Change
 Transitioning to New Systems
 Supporting Production Operations
Using Oracle General Ledger  
 Introduction to Oracle General Leger
 Relationship to Other Oracle Applications
 New Features
 Resolving Issues and Gaps
 Configuring the GL Application
 Processing Transactions
 Understanding Reports
Using Oracle Payables  
 Relationship to Other Oracle Applications-
 New Features-
 Configuring the AP Application
 Processing Transactions-
 Balancing the Subledger to the General Ledger
 Using Open Interfaces in This Application
 Using Oracle Cash Management
Using Oracle Receivables  
 Introduction to Oracle Receivables
 Relationship to Other Applications--
 New Features--
 Resolving Common Issues and Gaps-
 Configuring the AR Application
 Converting Data for Major Entities
 Processing Transactions--
 Balancing the AR Application Internally
 Balancing the Subsidiary Ledger to the General Ledger
 Using Open Interfaces in This AR
 Understanding Key AR Reports
Using Oracle Assets  
 Relationship to Other Applications---
 New Features---
 Critical Implementation Factors
 Converting Data for Major Entities--
 Balancing the Subledger to the General Ledger--
 Using Open Interfaces in This Application--
 Understanding FA Key Reports
Using Oracle Projects  
 Introduction to Oracle Projects
 Relationship to Other Applications----
 New Features----
 Critical Implementation Factors---
 Configuring the PA Application
 Advanced Configuration Tasks and Extensions
 Converting Legacy Data
 Processing PA Transactions
 Project Reporting
 Troubleshooting Oracle Projects
Using Oracle Purchasing  
 How Purchasing Relates to Other Applications
 New Features in Oracle Purcashing
 Critical Implementation Factors-----
 Configuring the Puschasing Application
 Converting Data for Major Entities-----
 Topics of Interest
 Understanding Key Purchasing Reports
 Troubleshooting Oracle Purchasing
Using Oracle Inventory  
 Introduction to Oracle Inventory
 Oracle Inventory Relationships to Other Applications
 New Features in Oracle Inventory
 Critical Implementation Factors------
 Configuring the Inventory Application
 Loading System Items
 Processing Inventory Transactions
 Additional Inventory Application Functions
Using Oracle Order Management  
 Introduction to Oracle Order Management
 Oracle Order Management Relationship to Other Applications
 New Features in Oracle Order Management
 Configuring Order Management Application
 Processing Order Management Transactions
 Understanding Key Order Management Reports
 Troubleshooting Order Management
Using Oracle Engineering and Bills of Material  
 Using Oracle Engineering
 Using Oracle Bills of Material
 Troubleshooting Oracle Engineering and Bills of Material
Using Oracle Cost Management  
 Understanding the Structure of the Cost Management Application
 Cost Management's Relationship to Other Applications
 New Features in Oracle Cost Management
 Critical Cost Management Implementation Factors
 Configuring Cost Management Application
 Processing Cost Management Transactions
 Understanding Key Reports from Cost Management
 Troubleshooting Oracle Cost Management
Using Oracle Planning Applications  
 Introduction to Oracle Planning Applications
 Using Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP
 New Features in Using Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP
 Critical Oracle Planning Implementation Factors
 Configuring Oracle Planning Application
 Processing Oracle Planning Transactions
 Using Supply Chain Planning
 Using Oracle Alerts with This Application
 Using Open Interfaces in Oracle Planning Application
 Best Practices in Oracle Planning Applications
 MRP Understanding Key Reports
 MRP Going Forward
Using Oracle Capacity  
 Processing Oracle Capacity Transactions
 Understanding Key Oracle Capacity Reports
 Oracle Capacity Going Forward
 Troubleshooting Oracle Capacity Applications
Using Oracle Work In Process  
 New Features in Oracle Work In Process Application
 Critical Implementation Factors in Oracle Work In Process Application
 Configuring the Oracle Work in Process Application
 Converting Data for Major Entities in Oracle Work In Process Application
 Processing Oracle Work in Process Transactions
 Balancing Oracle WIP to the General Ledger
 Using Open Interfaces in Oracle WIP Application
 Understanding Key Oracle WIP Reports
 Troubleshooting Oracle Work in Porcess Application
Implementing Oracle Human Resources and Oracle Payroll  
 Critical HRMS Implementation Factors
 Common Unrealistic Project Expectations
 Historical Data Conversion Approaches
 Other Data Conversion Considerations
 Complete Reinstall
 DateTrack Information
 Required Oracle HRMS Setup Steps
 Troubleshooting Oracle HRMS
Using Oracle Human Resources  
 New Features in Oracle Human Resources
 Globalization Support
 Human Resources Self Service
 HR Tips
 Application Data Export
 Troubleshooting Oracle Human Resources
Using Oracle Payroll  
 New Features in Oracle Payroll
 Payroll Processing
 Overriding Tax Information
 Processing State Quarterly Wage Listings
 W-2 Year-End Processing
 Regular Versus Supplemental Pay Runs
 Costing of Earnings
 Costing of Overtime
 Overtime FLSA Compliance
 401(k) Calculations/Company Match
 403(b) and 457 Deferred Compensation Elements
 Using Special Inputs Elements
 Generating Arrears for Nonrecurring Elements
 Retro Pay
 Tax Balance Adjustments
 Tax Only Earnings
 Costing and Transfer to General Ledger
 Laser Printing of Payroll Checks
 Oracle Fast Formula
 Year-to-Date Balance Conversion
 Third-Party Administrator Transfers
 Time and Attendance Integration with BEE
 Other Interfaces in Oracle Payroll
 Establishing Latest Balances
 Compensation Approaches
 Key Reports in Oracle Payroll
 Oracle Time Management Tables and Policies
 Troubleshooting Oracle Payroll
Using Oracle Advanced Benefits  
 Introduction to Oracle Advanced Benefits
 Implementation Strategies for Oracle Advanced Benefits
 Compensation Objects
 Life Events
 Eligibility Profiles and Derived Factors
 Benefit Program Setup Example
 Imputed Income for Domestic Partner Benefits
 Using Imputed Income for Domestic Partner Benefits
 Flex Credits and Benefit Pools
Administering the Oracle Applications  
 New Features for Administrators
 Understanding Security
 Maintaining Profile Options
 Understanding Concurrent Processing
 Understanding Printers
 Troubleshooting Oracle Administration
Using Oracle Workflow  
 Skills Required to Use Workflow
 Target Users
 New Features in Oracle Workflow
 Understanding the Major Components of Workflow
 Using the Workflow Engine
 Using the Workflow Directory Services
 Creating a Workflow Process
 Diagramming the Workflow Process
 Creating Notification Activities
 Monitoring Workflow Processes
 Using the Workflow Administrator
 Considerations in Setting Up Workflow
 Setting Up a Data Store
 Predefined Workflows Embedded in Oracle Applications
 Troubleshooting Oracle Workflow
Understanding Multi-Org  
 Multiple Organizations
 Understanding the Key Tables
 Critical Implementation Factors for Multi-Org
 Configuring the Application for Multi-Org
 Muti-Org Reporting
 Troubleshooting Multi-Org
Employment Market  
 Overview of Employment Market
 Skills Needed to Become a Consultant
 Character Traits of a Good Consultant
 Consulting Advantages
 Consulting Disadvantages
 Support Jobs
 Product Development Jobs
 Sales/Marketing Jobs
 Recruiting Jobs
 Working for Oracle Corporation
 Working for Oracle Customers
 What Happened in the Early 2000s
 Oracle Corporation Is an Engine of Growth
Consulting Market  
 Independent Consulting
 Smaller, Specialized Consulting Firms
 Larger, Diversified Consulting Firms
 Oracle Corporation Consulting
Implementation Checklist  
 Plan and Initiate the Project
 Analyze the Business and the Technology
 Build and Configure Your System
 Transition to the New System
 Support the Production Systems
Oracle Corporation  
 Oracle Corporation
 Oracle Corporation's Impact
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