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The new Oracle Application Server offers a wide range of functionality, including Java runtime and development tools, portal development tools, business intelligence, single sign-on identify management, and much more. It's so powerful and complex, in fact, that many people who use the product (or are considering using it) are familiar with only a portion of the entire range of its capabilities. The choices can be overwhelming. Few people grasp how the larger issues--such as the interplay between components or the various architectural choices in the product--play out in the Oracle Application Server. This tutorial provides the perfect introduction to the Oracle Application Server for users of any level. Regardless of which of the server's capabilities you use, you'll benefit from this tightly focused, all-in-one technical overview. It's written for anyone who is concerned with using and managing web servers, doing Java development and deployment, using Oracle's own tools--like Forms and Reports, using or developing for Oracle Portal, or those who use and administer business intelligence, mobile or integration software. Divided into three concise sections, the book covers server basics, core components, and server functionality. The tutorial leads with the history of Oracle Application Server, its architecture, management, standards, and third-party support for languages and tools such as Java, Perl, and HTTP. The next section covers Oracle's web server, containers for Java web caching, and the server's security features. And finally, the tutorial discusses HTML development, Java development, and Oracle development. Although the tutorial refers mainly to Oracle Application Server 10g, it also describe features in earlier product releases where necessary, particularly Oracle9i Application Server. More comprehensible than a large reference and more detailed than a primer, the tutorial provides a foundation for understanding and using Oracle Application Server effectively and efficiently. Readers concentrate on the most important issues and components of the server, focusing primarily on principles rather than syntax. Designed to be the ideal first OracleAS book, This tutorial offers Oracle application developers and administrators everything they need to know about this powerful server.

Introducing Oracle Application Server  
 Evolution of the Application Server
 The Oracle Application Server Family
 Oracle Application Server Components
 Managing Oracle Application Servers
 The Future
Oracle Application Server Architecture  
 Oracle Application Server Core Components
 Oracle Application Server Infrastructure
 Installation Types
 Scalability Architectures
 Oracle Application Server High Availability
 Oracle Application Server Applications
Systems Management  
 Application Server Control
 Grid Control
 Optional Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Server Packs
 Backup, Recovery, and Security Management
 Working with Oracle Support - Oracle Application Server
Security and Identity Management  
 Oracle Application Server Security Objectives
 Oracle Application Server Security Framework
 Secure Deployment
Oracle HTTP Server  
 Apache Architecture
 Oracle-Supplied Modules
 Third-Party Listener Support
Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE  
 OC4J Components
 OC4J Services
 Application Deployment
 Standalone J2EE Server
 Oracle Application Server Clustering
 OracleAS Web Cache
 Java Object Cache
 Web Object Cache
Java Development  
 Developing Web Applications
 Development Tools
 Oracle Application Server APIs and Tag Libraries
Oracle Development  
 Oracle Application Server - PL/SQL
 OracleAS Forms Services
 OracleAS Reports Services
XML Development  
 XML, DTDs, and XML Schemas
 XML Standards
 XML Developer Kits
 Oracle Application Server Components and XML
Web Services  
 Web Services Architecture
 Web Services Standards
 Service Provider
 Service Description
 Service Discovery
 Service Requester
Business Intelligence Components  
 BI Reporting
 Query and Analysis
 Data Mining
 Managing Business Intelligence Components
Oracle Application Server Portal  
 An OracleAS Portal Page
 Classification of Data
 End-User Interaction
 Deployment Architecture
 OracleAS Portal Security
Oracle Application Server Wireless  
 OracleAS Wireless Foundation Services
 OracleAS Wireless Development
 OracleAS Wireless Deployment
 OracleAS Wireless Administration
Integration Components  
 Oracle Application Server InterConnect
 Oracle Application Server ProcessConnect

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