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15 Things You Need To Know About mySAP.com

1.          What is mySAP.com?
In SAP's words "mySAP.com is an open collaborative business environment of personalized solutions on demand"

2.          Ok, really now. What is mySAP.com?
In our words, mySAP.com is actually a collection of three things.
a) The Marketplace is a website where buyers and sellers can register themselves, and then buy and sell from each other.
b) The Workplace is a piece of software which sits on your desktop, and allows you (after ity is setup correctly) to gain access to all of the systems you use in your company. It is, naturally, tightly integrated with both SAP and the Marketplace.
c) mySAP.com is also the umbrella name for all of SAP's internet-enabled applications.

3.          What is SAP's competitive advantage over other e-Business vendors?
In a word, integration - especially for SAP's 20,000 customers. SAP have termed it "three-dimensional integration"

4.          What is "three-dimensional integration"?
a) Integration of core business systems within an organization - front-end to back-end
b) Seamless flow of data between two organizations who transact with each other
c) Ability for participants in an industry to use any systems, and still communicate with other participants in that industry

5.          Does the Marketplace exist now?
Yes. It can be visited at www.mysap.com.

6.          Is the Workplace available now?
Yes. It was available 3rd quarter 1999.

7.          Do you have to be a SAP customer to use the Marketplace?
No. Anyone can register as a buyer or seller on the marketplace. But if you use SAP, it is much easier to transact with another party who also uses SAP - it's called a one-step transaction.

8.          What's a one-step transaction?
If both parties to a transaction use SAP, then all purchase orders, sales orders, etc etc are automatically entered into both parties' systems with one click (i.e. on approval of the purchase).

9.          Does mySAP.com replace R/3?
No. If you have SAP R/3 implemented, then mySAP.com sits "on top" of R/3.

10.    Is this actually R/4?
No. mySAP.com sits "on top" of R/3.

11.    What is R/3's future?
R/3, along with all other current SAP products, will become 'components' of mySAP.com.

12.    Can mySAP.com run by itself?
Yes. The Workplace, Marketplace and Internet-enabled applications can run without SAP R/3 as the back-office system.

13.    How is mySAP.com priced?
Not an easy question. Talk is of "pay per name", "pay per record" and "pay per transaction". Stay tuned.

14.    Let's get technical. Does mySAP.com use XML?
Yes. We understand it is in close co-operation with webMethods and Microsoft's BixTalk.

15.    Which standards (W3C, OAG etc) are mySAP.com in compliance with?
No clear answer yet. Their response is "mySAP.com will be compliant with all relevant content and protocol standards"


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